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Friday, July 2, 2010

Follow me!

Dear friends,

(As I ramp up blogging, I'm hoping you'll consider FOLLOWING my blog and sharing it with others. In the coming days, I hope to have many blogs of interest, that will help you in some small or big way. Just click on the blog sidebar and hit follow for instructions. If you're reading this on Facebook, please go to

As I started writing today, I was reminded of a most inspiring blog by DEREK SIVERS* about FIRST FOLLOWERS. You can see it by clicking HERE. Then I realized what day it was and thought, how appropriate.

What better day to write about FIRST FOLLOWERS than the FIRST FRIDAY of the month that signifies Independence. When I first read Derek's blog about the dancing guy, I literally thought, I have been the person dancing. When I saw the first follower, I thought, I've been that person too. Some people think it takes guts; I just think "why not, life is too short to sit on the sidelines". (Disclaimer, this is about independently choosing to follow, not following like sheep.)

So, be a follower, first second, third, hundredth, thousandth, as long as you're dancing to whatever floats your boat. Find your passion and be part of the movement.

Happy Independence Day!!

*Derek is the founder and previous owner of CDBABY. I interviewed him last year for an article in PC SOLUTIONS computer magazine about, guess what, blogging! Derek is an inspiring voice, and I strongly suggest following his blog at

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