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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pins to help the Gulf.....


I created this pin to help with the relief effort in the Gulf. A percentage of sales will be donated to TRI-STATE BIRD RESCUE, and THE AUDUBON INSTITUTE in New Orleans. Both organizations are on the ground and in the water, saving aquatic life as best as they can.

Pins are $10.00 retail, and $5.00 wholesale (minimum of 40 pins for wholesale pricing in any combination of in-stock pins). Pins are handmade, signed, and are 1.5 inches square on a wood backing.

Please go to and click on PINS to place orders.

 Here are more pins about the Gulf...



There are lots of other new designs and themes on the website, plus campaign season is just around the corner. Get your pins now....wear your heart on your lapel and start a conversation while you're making a difference!

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