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Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations to my friend/colleague Micah Solomon on his new book about Exceptional Customer Service

Micah's book helped me immediately and in more ways than one...

Review by LisaBeth Weber: 

From Chapter One of Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization: “The single best thing you can do for your business is to build true customer loyalty, one customer at a time.”

I make handmade pins for causes, and I work with customers from non-profit organizations to corporations, to individuals. I’ve been lucky, and 99% of the time, things run smoothly and great relationships are formed along with the project. When this book arrived in my mailbox, it was in the middle of that 1% when there was an unforeseen client challenge. The coincidence of receiving the book at that moment wasn't lost on me. Consequently, I assumed there was information in the book that would help me, and sure enough, there it was. I went right to the chapter about troubleshooting problem customers. I immediately got just the advice needed, and was able to turn the issue on its head, realizing it was an opportunity to show great customer service to the client. The guidance was a big help, the client was happy, and all was right with the world of pins for causes.


The 11th Street Garage in Philadelphia. The UPS store in Buckingham, PA. Two businesses I have dealt with that are walking the walk of exceptional customer service. How fitting, then, that I continued reading the book, Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit, while waiting for the 11th Street mechanic to evaluate a car I was looking to purchase. Through an abundance of glowing online reviews, I found what might possibly be one of the best “old school” mechanics I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, Vicki and Jim at the UPS Store in Buckingham, PA (along with David, Ryan, and Greg at their other location in New Hope, PA) know how to treat their customers and it shows in the customer loyalty they receive. “Where everybody knows your name” is the way they roll, creating a welcoming atmosphere amidst the day to day business.

The book Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit teaches these principles of how to achieve, maintain, and grow great customer service in a well written, easy to read and in-depth manner. The book hurls readers into the idea zone of how best to impress customers and get the results of not only customer satisfaction but the all-important repeat business. Train your staff to be a reflection of the message you want to convey to customers. Micah Solomon, President of Oasis Disc Manufacturing and Leonardo Inghilleri, Ritz-Carlton and West Paces executive, convey their combined knowledge in a manner that is succinct and well written.

Whether it’s an idea about customer loyalty, surveys, problem solving, or maintaining records of customer preferences, Solomon and Inghilleri are thorough in their guidance without being patronizing in their delivery. A straightforward writing approach yields lines like, “Here’s our advice about screening your calls: Don’t do it.” Citing this as “perhaps our most wildly unpopular idea,” the authors are nonetheless unwavering in their opinion about call screening, and this is a typical example of the importance they put on every little detail of the service experience.

From the “Four Elements of Customer Satisfaction” to the significance of the “little things” such as the Hello and Goodbye of a customer’s service experience, Solomon and Inghilleri fill the pages with concept after concept culminating in a roadmap of the best route to attain great customer service.

A key element in Chapter 5 that is really a principle throughout the book states, “Good service requires custom fitting.” There is no "one solution for all" method, and with the chapter title, “Keeping Track to Bring Them Back,” the pages delve deeply into the essence of tracking customer’s preferences, while doing it respectfully.

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit builds on the stepping stones of HOW to create a solid foundation, ranging from behind the scenes training and leadership to tangible customer service interacting directly with customers.  The results will be in reaching the final prize of loyal customers who want to spread the word about what a great experience they had with your company. Read this book and you’ll be well on your way to getting there.


  1. This is an amazing book, I discovered it at Amazon recently and am already getting good practical value out of it at my no-longer small company which has gone through some growing pains recently.

    Your review wraps it up quite well.

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