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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Great meeting today at the Women's Business Forum. All about blogging, by Natalie Wi, of Allure West Photography Studio.  Natalie has clients all around the country, and feels that blogging brings them closer to home and helps them feel valued, as they see a more personal, yet still business oriented side of the company. Referring to her blog, she says, "We're there for our clients, no matter where they are physically".

Here are some tips for great blogging that Natalie shared at our very well attended meeting. Keep these in mind when posting:

* Put your accomplishments; this is the place to let people know what you've been up to...
* Know your audience.
* Keep the information useful.
* Link to other blogs and websites.
* Ask for linkbacks.
* Comment on blogs.
* Proofread your post before publishing.
* Use keywords that are logically associated with your posting and/or your business.
* When using photography by others, request permission, and credit photographer.
* Add an RSS feed to your blog for people to subscribe.

One question that always arises in a blogging presentation is about consistency. Though it's widely known that consistency is advisable with blogging, Natalie's viewpoint is not to worry so much about it if/when you are too busy to blog. "Blog when you can" is her mantra.

Thanks to Natalie for a great presentation! Happy Blogging!

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